Hot days call for frosty sips. Check out these refreshing combinations that will help get you through the season!

Apricot Fizz Drink Recipe

Apricot Fizz Drink

Two parts club soda, one part sweet apricot nectar, plus sliced nectarines to nibble. Another great idea: combine club soda with puréed watermelon.

Berry Sparkler

Berry Sparkler

Club soda and red tea (such as Davidson’s Organic South African Rooibos Tea)  with a handful of fresh berries-summer in a glass.

Florida Iced Tea

Florida Iced Tea

Add orange slices for a sunshiny take on the usual. Another great idea: combine iced tea with sliced plums and fresh mint or with pineapple juice and fresh pineapple.

Lemon Surprise Drink Recipe

Lemon Surprise

Cucumbers really are cool, especially in lemonade. Add zip with a bit of grated fresh ginger. Another great idea: combine lemonade with fresh basil or with puréed strawberries.

lime zing drink recipe

Lime Zing

Summer sizzle is more bearable with rose-colored glasses! Combine tangy red tea with slices of lime, and add ice. Another great idea: combine lemon-lime soda with summer berries.