Nothing is as American as apple pie and nothing is more Australian than a peach bellini.  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but this version of the Italian bellini cocktail does originate in Australia and is well worth a try.  Based on spumanti, a sparkling white wine of Italian origin, peach schnapps and peaches, this is a sweet cocktail that would be suitable as a dessert drink.  Spumanti contains less alcohol than champagne and is also sweeter and more mildly flavored.  The fizziness adds tang that complements the overall sweetness of the drink.  The cocktail has a fairly delicate flavor so you wouldn’t want to replace the spumanti with stronger flavored champagne as this would tend to overwhelm the subtlety of the drink.

This recipe uses frozen peach slices rather than fresh or tinned as this makes the drink cold without the addition of ice.  Ice would tend to water the cocktail down and reduces the silky smoothness achieved by blending the frozen peaches.  The cocktail does require blending to get the ideal texture but it’s best to not blend too much after adding the spumanti as you lose all of the fizz in the blending process and you want just a little to remain to give the drink some thickness.


1 measure of peach schnapps

3-5 slices of frozen peaches

5-6 measures of spumanti


This drink is really a matter of taste and the volumes should be used as a guide.  Taste test as you go along until you get the flavor you are after.

Add the frozen peach slices and pear schnapps to the blender and puree until smooth.  Taste and adjust until you’re happy with the balance of flavor, but generally 3 or 4 slices to an ounce of peach schnapps should be about right.  Once your happy with the schnapps/peach puree add about 5 ounces of spumanti and blend briefly to thoroughly mix all ingredients.  Taste and add a little more spumanti if required.

Pour the drink into champagne flutes and garnish with a thin peach slice.