Blue punch

Bright blue is a classic color for a cocktail and the usual ingredient used to give the color is blue curacao.  Blue curacao is actually an orange flavored liqueur that is naturally clear but is colored for use in drinks.  The orange flavouring comes from soaking dried citrus peel in alcohol until the desired taste is achieved.

If you want a really bright blue punch you’ll need to be careful to only use clear ingredients.  So no pineapple juices, dark rums or ginger ale.  This recipe gives a really bright blue drink that also packs a punch.  Like most punch recipes the alcohol content can be varied by adding more or less of the non-alcoholic components so you can soften it up if you want.  Also be mindful that different versions of blue curacao have different alcohol contents ranging from 15% to 40%.

This punch uses white rum, blue curacao, and Sprite.  The lemon of the Sprite goes well with the orange of the curacao and the burnt sugar of the rum.


1 part blue curacao (chilled)

1 part white rum (chilled)

4 parts Sprite

Lemon and orange slices

Ice cubes



Mix the white rum and blue curacao in a punch bowl.  Add the Sprite just prior to serving so the punch keeps its fizz and doesn’t warm up too much.  Float lemon and orange slices on top of the drink.  You could add the ice to the punch but this may make it watery as the ice melts.  So another idea is to add the ice to the glasses and then pour the punch into the glass.  That way you can add fresh ice to each glass and the punch doesn’t get watery.