A drink that will make any gamer go “Fus Ro Dah!”


When the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hit the markets in 2011, it sparked a whole new subculture of gamers, generating memes and receiving critical acclaim. It was named “PC Game of the Year” by IGN and GameSpot, and received “RPG Game of the Year” and “Overall Game of the Year” from various review sites. It’s sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and is still considered a favorite, even two years after its release.

The Drunken Moogle, a website dedicated to crafting drinks inspired by the world’s best video games, recently featured the work of Loading Café. James Dance of Loading crafted a drink worthy of any Dragonborn, with delicate flavors that pack a punch.

Elderflower soda is the star of the show here. If you’ve never had elderflower soda before, Marks and Spencer explains that the taste is mostly light and fragrant because of the elderflowers, with a hint of citrus to make it more refreshing. It’s also used in desserts like cakes, ice cream, and pannacottas, but it adds an excellent and elegant flavor to just about anything. Since this will make up most of the drink, this shot isn’t as alcoholic and won’t burn your throat when you take it.

· Vanilla vodka
· Sparkling elderflower soda
· Spiced rum
· Orange peel
· Some sugar

To make the shot, take a high ball glass and dip the rim into the vanilla vodka, then onto a plate of sugar. Put some ice into the glass, and then pour in 175g of the elderflower soda, careful not to destroy the sugared rim. Next, add in a measure of spiced rum. Now comes the tricky part: arrange the orange peel so it cascades down the inside of the glass and peeks out at the top.

This excellent drink has even been recognized by Bethesda, the company that made Skyrim, as an official drink. Try making this drink today before you take an arrow to the knee!