This is a great and easy recipe to make flavored vodka with some easily obtainable items. Placing skittles into a bottle of Vodka and allowing it to sit for a day or two can create a sweet and sugary flavored Vodka for a change of pace at your next party.

    Ingredients/Items Needed

1- Movie Size bag of Skittles
1- 1.75 liter of Vodka
5- 12oz size bottles


1) Open the bag of Skittles and sort into the various colors and set aside.
2) Place 25-30 skittles of one particular flavor into each 12 oz bottle.
3) Fill bottle with vodka and store int he refrigerator for 24-48 hours.
4) Use a strainer or a coffee filter and filter the contents of each flavored bottle into a bowl.
5) Clean bottle and refill the 12oz bottles with the filtered and now flavored vodka.
6) Enjoy

Single shot servings can be made by placing 2-3 skittles in a shot glass and add vodka.