Goombay splash G

Learn to make this summery Goombay Splash cocktail with this quick and easy drink recipe.  It uses gold rum which is aged longer and has a slightly stronger taste than white rums.  The coconut rum and pineapple juice add a nice tropical flavour to the drink.  Sweet and sour mix can be purchased at the liquor store. Its a mixer made of sugar and lemon or lime juice.  This recipe makes two cocktails.


2 ounces  gold rum
2 ounces coconut rum
1 cup of pineapple juice
A splash sweet and sour mix


Half fill a cocktail with ice and add in the gold rum, the coconut rum, and the pineapple juice. Shake until well mixed. Fill two highball glasses with ice cubes and strain the cocktail mix into the glasses.  Add a splash of sweet and sour mix to each glass,  stir gently and serve.