Lots of people are talking about the benefits of Greek yogurt over traditional yogurt.  So what’s the difference and how would this affect a smoothie recipe?  Well, Greek yogurt is pretty much the same as normal yogurt, but has been carefully strained to remove a lot of the liquid.  The interesting thing is that this changes the nutritional profile quite a bit.  Greek yogurt has less sugar and lactose and is thicker.  It also has a higher protein content but about the same amount of calories.  It has a tangier taste and is less sweet so using it in a smoothie can give a great flavour.  Also being thicker means that Greek yogurt provides a creamier texture to your smoothie.

Smoothie recipes using Greek yogurt often feature sweeter fruit to counterbalance the sharper taste of the yogurt.  They can also use low fat milk as the yogurt provides the creaminess you find in a good smoothie. So this recipe uses bananas, strawberries and a tablespoon of honey to provide sweetness.  Make sure the fruit is really ripe to get the best flavour.  It’s actually better for the fruit to be overripe than under-ripe.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 large ripe banana

Half a dozen large ripe strawberries

Tablespoon of honey

Cup of Greek yogurt

Cup of low fat milk

Half a cup of ice cubes



Add the ingredients to a good quality blender and blend until smooth.  This may make a very thick and creamy smoothie so you can test it and add a little more milk if you want to make it thinner.  Serve in large tumblers.

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