Hawaiian punch


What would you expect in a Hawaiian punch? Maybe you would think of dark rum, white rum, pineapple and coconut?  Well if that’s what you’re after, here is the punch for you.  Tropical fruit juices are fantastic in punches as they provide fruit flavours while adding that tang that stops the drink being sickly.  This recipe uses pineapple juice which has that tropical aroma and combines sweetness with a little sharpness.

The recipe here provides an average strength punch. However, the great thing about this punch is you can make it as strong as you want by controlling the amount of white rum.  If you want to have a few glasses through the evening, then just reduce the white rum content. The other flavors are stronger so the variation in white rum content doesn’t upset the balance.

A common mistake people make with punches is adding too much ice and the drink becomes watery and tasteless through the evening.  Make the punch with well chilled ingredients and add ice to the glasses as you drink rather than to the punch bowl.  Sit the punch bowl in a container of ice if you want to keep it extra cold.


1 cup dark rum

1 cup white rum

4 cups pineapple juice

8 cups 7-Up

1 cup coconut juice

7 or 8 pineapple rings cut into chunks


Chill all ingredients well before making the punch.  Make the punch as close to serving time as possible to help maintain the fizz from the 7-Up.

Add all the ingredients to a punch bowl.  Float the pineapple pieces in the punch and serve in glasses with ice.  Decorate the side of the glass with a wedge of pineapple if you want something a little more special.