It’s a hot day and you want a cool, refreshing drink.  Something that’s not too sweet and easy to drink.  Why not try a Midori Summer Day?  This is a great drink when you just want something quick before dinner.  It’s light and not too strong and looks great with that vibrant Midori green and the darker green of the lime peel.


Midori summer Day

Midori summer Day

This is actually a really simple recipe, just using Midori, club soda and a twist of lime.  The melon flavour of Midori can be a little sickly and sweet but this is offset by the tartness of the club soda and lime.  The drink is best served ice cold which helps maintain the fizz longer and makes for a more refreshing drink.  Float a couple of fresh mint leaves on top of the glass to add to the freshness of the drink and a slice of lime for garnish.



2 oz Midori

Club soda

Fresh lime

Fresh mint leaves



Add a few ice cubes to a large tumbler. Pour the Midori over the ice and allow a second or two for it to cool.  Gently fill the glass with club soda to taste.  Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and garnish with a slice of fresh lime.  Float a couple of lightly bruised mint leaves on the top of the drink to add a refreshing fragrant touch.