Nojito – A Non Alcoholic Mojito

Nothing goes better with a relaxing day at the pool than a delicious mojito! Even when you’re not in the mood (or it’s too early) for the alcohol that usually goes along with it, you can blend one up without that’s just as satisfying. Double or triple the recipe to make enough to share with a crowd for your next house party or barbeque and the kids in tow will love the chance to feel like adults while they sip on this virgin concoction!

The delightful minty-lime flavors are sure to leave your palate feeling refreshed and funky! Mint also has wonderful health benefits: it improves digestion, relieves nausea and headaches and can help reduce the effects of asthma. Ginger is known to settle upset stomachs, prevent cramping and cleanse the system. You can even enjoy a Nojito without a blender by adding some club soda to the recipe for some fun fizz. Experimentation is key, and you should feel free to add any additional ingredients that come to mind to put your own unique spin on things!


1 whole peeled lime

½ cup lime juice

6 tablespoons honey

8-10 mint leaves

1 teaspoon ginger

Sparkling water

Lime wedges peeled or unpeeled, mint leaves, ice cubes for garnish


Gather the peeled lime, lime juice, honey, 8 to 10 mint leaves and ginger in your blender. To achieve a smooth and creamy slushy-like consistency, you should run your machine on a low setting or a pulse for about 3 seconds before turning up to a high setting for 10 seconds. Once you’re satisfied with the texture, dress each glass with a lime wedge and a few mint leaves. Muddle your mint leaves gently to extract the juices just before adding a few ounces of mojito mix. Fill the glass with sparkling water and ice cubes before adding a few more mint leaves to the top if you so please.