Non-alcoholic Mimosa


Mimosa is a refreshing drink, based on champagne and fruit juice.  The combination of the sweetness of the juice and the crispness of the champagne makes a refreshing drink that’s really suitable for a hot afternoon.  But sometimes you want to keep a clear head or you’re making drinks for some younger people or someone who doesn’t like alcohol.  Either way, there are plenty reasons why you might want to make a non-alcoholic mimosa.

There are a number of ways you can make a non-alcoholic mimosa.  Obviously you need to replace the champagne with a non-alcoholic alternative.  This could be sparkling apple juice, sparkling grape juice, non-alcoholic champagne or even ginger ale.  Whatever you choose, try and think of something that will match the fruit juice you use and your taste.  Some juices are sweeter and are better matched with the dryness of a non-alcoholic champagne where other juices are not as sweet and might be better complemented by a sparkling apple juice.  This recipe is based on a combination of cranberry juice and sparkling apple juice.  The flavour and appearance of the drink are enhanced by adding a couple of strawberries to the drink.



Chilled Cranberry Juice

Chilled Sparkling Apple Juice

Sliced strawberries for garnish


If you are making this for adults then a champagne glass is best as this is the traditional glass for a mimosa.  However for kids it’s better to use a small tumbler.  Simply fill  half the glass with cranberry juice and top up with the sparkling apple juice.  Add a few sliced strawberries on top and place a whole strawberry on the side of the glass.

Mimosa can be made up in individual drinks or in a pitcher or bowl for parties just by maintaining the relative proportion of one part juice to one part soda/sparkling champagne to make as much or as little as you like.