Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Have you ever dreamed of combining a sweet drink with a nice creamy treat? Then you should try a punch with sherbet.  This Raspberry Sherbet Punch should be everything you need! With only a few ingredients, this icy cold potion will be a hit at your next big party, get together or bridal shower. It combines a few different flavors that you might not have ever thought of putting together, but there’s no way you won’t like it!

If you’re an ice cream lover like a lot of other people out there, you can never get enough and the sherbet is the perfect touch to satisfy your craving. Don’t hesitate to add in whatever tickles your fancy: be it fruit, another juice or soda that might kick things up a notch. The possibilities are endless and you can experiment until your heart’s content! Once you serve it for your friends, they’ll be asking for it all the time.



 (2) 2 liters ginger ale

(1) 33 ounce pineapple juice

½ gallon raspberry sherbet



Combine chilled raspberry sherbet, pineapple juice and ginger ale just before serving.