red white and blue shot

Image via mixnsip

Layered drinks always look spectacular and are not that hard to make if you choose the right ingredients, prepare the drink carefully and practice a little before showing off to your friends.  And what better excuse to learn than to put together this red, white and blue shot to celebrate the 4th of July.  The layering is dependent on the densities of the liquids so you need to make sure you put them together in the right order.  You’ll need to float each liquid on top of the last so it takes a slow careful pour.  You can try sliding the liquid down the edge of the shot glass or pouring over the back of a spoon.  Keep the bottle close to the glass as you pour as splashing will disturb the layers and ruin the effect.  As this is a typical shot, make sure you throw it back in a single swallow to get the benefit of all the flavors.

This is definitely a drink that will impress your friends so it’s worth the effort to learn to make.



½ fl. oz. Grenadine

½ fl. oz.  Vodka

½ fl. oz. Blue Curacao


Pour the ingredients into a shot glass, either sliding them down the side of the glass or pouring them over the back of a spoon.  Pour them in the order shown in the photograph or listed in the ingredients above.