Sea Breeze Cocktail

Even if you can’t have the sea at your feet, you can sip on this delicious Sea Breeze Cocktail inspired by one of the most beloved seasons: the summertime. It’s an official drink of the International Bartender’s Association and today’s Sea Breeze is a slightly different one than its predecessor that began its climb to fame in the 1920s, but it is still heavily ordered and enjoyed by many. Cranberry and grapefruit juices assist vodka to create a timeless drink that’s just a little tart with a sweet afterbite. You can strengthen a Sea Breeze anyway you please by adding other alcohol or cutting back on the juice. This would be a huge hit at your next summer house party and you can even serve up a non-alcoholic version for any kiddies that might be joining in the festivities. It’s classic, fresh and stimulating and you can’t ever go wrong with such a tasty choice.



25 ounces cranberry juice

21 ounces vodka

12 ounces grapefruit juice

Lime wedges for garnish



Add vodka and juices to a container and place a lid on before shaking until well combined. Pour over ice cubes, place a lime wedge and serve.