Sex in the Driveway Cocktail

If you’re going to start with a drink with such a provocative name, you’d want it to be pretty special.  So it’s a good thing that this cocktail also delivers on taste and appearance.   Definitely one to impress your friends or just enjoy on your own.  Maybe enjoying sex in the driveway on your own doesn’t sound quite right but let’s get back to the recipe.

 With such an outrageous name for a drink, it’s hardly surprising that it’s also bright blue.  It’s also sweet, easy to drink and is pretty strong.  In other words, this really is the classic tropical island bar cocktail.  Definitely one to sip and savour as you watch the sunset rather than slamming down like a shot.

 This recipe is based on using a pear schnapps but you could easily substitute peach.  The recipe also uses white rum but you could use vodka if you’re looking for a slightly cleaner taste.


2x Ounce white rum

Ounce Pear or Peach Schnapps

Ounce Blue Curacao



Half fill a tall glass with ice cubes and then add the ingredients in order, topping up the glass with the 7-up.  You can decorate this cocktail with a slice of lemon or lime or if you really want that tropical island feel you could add a paper umbrella.  Add a long straw and your finished.