Vodka and Cranberry Drink

This is a nice simple cocktail that also looks great due to the bright red of the cranberry juice. Also known as a Cape Codder cocktail, a vodka and cranberry can be made with sweetened or unsweetened cranberry juice. Unsweetened cranberry juice is really quite tart so makes a drink more suited to a more mature palette and is definitely more of a sipping drink. Sweetened cranberry juice makes a drink that goes down really easily.   As with many vodka based drinks, you can really vary the strength of the drink by increasing the vodka content. The cranberry juice has a strong enough flavour that the vodka doesn’t overpower the taste of the drink unless you really go overboard. Anywhere between 2 parts of cranberry juice to 1 part up to 5 parts cranberry juice to 1 part vodka makes a really pleasant drink.



This recipe picks a nice midpoint of 1 part vodka to 3 parts cranberry juice.

1 ounce vodka

3 ounces of chilled cranberry (unsweetened for a more tart drink)

Mix in a highball glass with ice cubes and garnish with a wedge of lemon or a couple of fresh mint leaves.